Your passport safe in your pocket

The CCI is a respected proof of identity that has the same value as a passport for the campsite owner. Upon arrival at a campsite, simply hand in your CCI so you can keep your passport with you.

Camping at a discount

Your CCI is a discount card at more than 3.000 campsites throughout Europe. This discount can be as much as 25% in both the high season and the low season. If, for example, two adults and two children go camping for fourteen days in France, the discount can run to almost € 40.

You have third-party liability insurance

The holder of a CCI is a carefree camper. Your travelling group of a maximum of 11 persons has third-party liability insurance during their stay at the campsite. Learn more here

The Camping Card International is only valid when:

- the expiry date stated on the card has not expired
- the holder of the CCI is a member of one of the clubs affiliated to the F.I.C.C.
- you have signed the CCI card

As a CCI cardholder, you agree to:

- respect the regulations in force on the campsites you visit
- ask for prior authorisation when camping on land that is not officially registered as a campsite
- always ask permission before making a campfire
- not to damage the plantations and not to leave any rubbish behind
- actively participate in the maintenance of good hygiene conditions on the campsite
- respect the privacy of other campers and to take into account normal rest hours
- respect the internal rules of the campsite in question

The CCI card serves you as:

- identity card when you register at the campsite reception, so you don't have to hand in your passport
- third party liability insurance and personal accident insurance during your stay at a campsite, rented accommodation or hotel
- proof of entitlement to CCI reductions

Proof of identity

Most campsites accept the CCI card as proof of identity when you register on arrival. However, this provision is not binding and campsite managers are under no obligation to accept the CCI card as proof of identity.

Personal accident insurance and Third party liability insurance

The terms of the Individual accident insurance Third party liability insurance are described under " Individual Accident Insurance and Third Party Liability Insurance " (see below). If you cause damage to third parties or if you have suffered a personal accident in accordance with the conditions specified in the insurance policy, you must immediately inform your club in writing, at the latest within one month of your return. Please do so and fill in as much details as possible. If possible, also attach written statements from any witnesses. Never sign an acknowledgement of liability without the prior permission of your club.


The CCI card entitles its holder to a large number of discounts. These advantages are described on the CCI website. If you wish to take advantage of one of these offers, you must inform in advance. It is not possible to apply for the discount afterwards. These discounts are only valid for a stay of up to 21 consecutive days. These discounts are not applicable to seasonal or annual rates.

In principle, these special offers cannot be combined with other promotional offers or discounts. The discounts mentioned on the website are valid throughout the year 2024, unless otherwise stated. High season" is generally understood to mean: July-August and long weekends linked to a public holiday (Easter, Ascension Day, etc.). This rule may vary from country to country, or from campsite to campsite. Please check with the campsite in question beforehand. Discounts are only granted on site by the campsite manager. If by chance a special offer or discount mentioned on the website cannot be granted, please inform your club within 30 days after your return. You will be asked to produce the original invoices and a copy of your CCI card. Please keep them carefully. Your club will then contact the campsite in question. The list of discounts on this website has been compiled with great care. Should one of these discounts be modified due to circumstances beyond the control of your club, your club cannot be held responsible. In addition, the clubs participating in this operation, including the one of which you are a member, cannot be held liable for any fault or error. A campsite may choose to offer the discounts mentioned here in combination with other discounts. Some campsites offer CCI cardholders a discount which may vary according to the period.

Loss of card

Always keep your CCI card in a safe place. The loss or theft of your CCI card can have unpleasant consequences. If, despite these precautions, you lose your card, report it immediately to your club. Your club remains at your entire disposal to answer any questions you may have about your Camping Card International.

CCI History

  1. FICC creates an International Introduction Card (IIC) for campers

  2. History Image

    Third party insurance is linked to card

  3. AIT joins the IIC

  4. The IIC becomes the International Camping Carnet (ICC)

  5. FIA joins the ICC

  6. AIT, FIA and FICC agree to standardise the ICC

  7. The International Liaison Committe AIT/FIA/FICC is created

  8. The carnet is issued as a card – the Camping Card International (CCI)

  9. CCI reaches 812.230 users

  10. FICC became the only CCI’s owner

  11. New website with new features

  12. eCCI available

  13. Enjoy Camping with Us!