Why accept the CCI?

  • Quick registration: You save time when registering your guests. Instead of taking the passport, you take the CCI in which all of the necessary information can be found. This is quick, simple and efficient.
  • Guaranteed payment: In default of payment, the CCI guarantees payment of the invoice up to a maximum of seven days when the CCI is shown.
  • Guests quickly traceable: In the case of an unforeseen calamity following a guest’s stay, you can trace the CCI member with just one telephone call.
  • Third-party liability: Should problems arise during a guest’s stay, such as damage to the campsite or to the property of other camping guests, this damage will be covered by the CCI’s standard third-party liability insurance.


Los descuentos pueden variar entre el 5 al 40%.

En los descuentos puede hacer una distinción entre descuento de temporada alta y descuento de temporada baja. Los meses de julio y agosto son meses de temporada alta, pero puede optar también por incluir por ejemplo las vacaciones de mayo en la temporada alta.


Para anunciar que la tarjeta CCI es bienvenida en su Camping, ponemos a su disposición la pegatina ‘CCI welcome here’ de forma gratuita.